Metabolic health

Metabolic health

Metabolic health

Metabolic health determines how you feel each day and how well you are.

Metabolic health describes how efficiently your body responds after eating. Eating leads to many changes such as increases in blood sugar, (glucose) and fat levels. If your body responds to restore balance easily after eating it suggests you have good metabolic health.

Someone with good metabolic health will usually wake up feeling rested, have good levels of energy throughout the day, feel positive and able to respond to stress and feel well and fit.

Metabolic health is affected by the food we eat, how much muscle we have, how much we move, the quality and quantity of our sleep, our stress levels and many more ways in which we look after ourselves.

Our busy, 'always-on' world with processed food available everywhere makes it really difficult to look after ourselves and get the sleep, activity, nutrition and rest we need. So metabolic health begins to decline. The body starts to struggle to retain balance and this may lead to:

  • Insulin resistance and rising blood glucose levels

  • Unhealthy levels of fat in the blood - particularly lower levels of HDL-cholesterol

  • High blood pressure

  • Increased waist circumference

Signs of poor metabolic health include: fatigue; hormone imbalance; poor sleep; cravings and hunger; difficulty losing body fat; aches and pains; finding it difficult to cope with stress

Metabolic health can be improved with simple nutrition and lifestyle changes

Restoring metabolic health is key to helping you in the short term: to feel at your best today, and long term; to reset and protect your health for the future.

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