About Dr Rebecca Hiscutt, PhD

About Dr Rebecca Hiscutt, PhD

About Dr Rebecca Hiscutt, PhD

I'm Dr Rebecca Hiscutt, PhD, a UK registered dietitian with over 20 years experience helping people improve their metabolic health.

I believe people deserve better than accepting declining metabolic health as inevitable as we get older. Like most people I have seen and felt the devastating impact chronic conditions such as type 2 diabetes and cancer can have on individuals and families.

This drives me to keep learning and sharing the exciting emerging nutrition research, translating it into easy to action, powerful tweaks people can make to the food they eat and the way they live.

Everyone should have the opportunity to rewrite their future and have the best chance of a longer, healthier life.

I am currently part of the practice team at Combe Grove, a Centre for Health and Wellbeing located in just outside of Bath. I play a key role in running our innovative, evidence-based Metabolic Health, Prediabetes, and Menopause programmes.

As a clinical dietitian, I have helped hundreds of people make vital lifestyle changes to improve their metabolic health. I've also conducted in-depth research on how low carbohydrate diets affect cardiovascular risk factors during my doctoral studies. This dual-focus on research and practical application provides me with a deep understanding of metabolic health, a cornerstone of my practice.

Areas of interest & expertise

I have a special interest in prediabetes and menopause. I help my clients understand how their symptoms such as tiredness, poor sleep, increased weight, rising blood glucose levels, anxiety and a foggy head could be improved with nutrition and wellbeing.

I want to make sure that prediabetes & metabolic health is: Understood. Managed. Supported.

I provide one-to-one nutrition coaching and create bespoke meal plans personalised to individual needs.